Sunday, July 11, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ahhhh, it is good to be home. We really enjoy our visits with family but no matter where we travel to it is always nice to be back home, in your own bed and back to the same routine. The boys seem to get stuck in hyper mode when they're around the cousins. It is nice to have them back to normal. (Which is still fairly wild, but they don't seem to have fuzz in their ears anymore.)

As mentioned previously, I have a lot of photos to share. I'll be doing a lot of posts in the next few days to get everything posted that I want to say.

On a sad note, we lost Nemo today. He was one year old. We're not for sure, but Daddy feels guilty as wasn't quite sure how to take care of a fish. Beta's don't normally require oxygen bubbles, but we were using them anyway. At some point, Biju unplugged the oxygen and when he plugged it back in, he actually plugged the light in, instead, so Nemo went the whole week without his bubbles. OR, Biju could've overfed the fish. Like I said, we're not sure how it happened, but Ajay is taking it a LOT better than we thought he would. I scooped up the fish in the net, Ajay carried him to the toilet and Alex flushed. At lunch, Alex randomly popped off with "Nemo is dead. He's in Heaven, now." Yes, boys, Nemo has gone Home, too.

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