Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Day After

The day after the Fourth was just as much fun as the actual holiday! (I'm super late getting the rest of our "vacation" pictures posted, my apologies.)

Alex started out the day playing hide-n-seek in Lazy Susan.

Brandi hosted a game of dominoes at her place. We set up two tables. The bigger table played Double 15's. The smaller table played Double 9's.

After the smaller table was finished, Alex spent time with my parent's neighbor, Margie, figuring out how to make the dominoes topple over. He loved it.

Since the day after the 4th finally provided us with some sunshine, the kids went wild shooting off the daytime works.

The menfolk gathered for some more clay pigeon shooting, too. The youngest of the group, my cousin Jesse (I think he's 13?? I can't remember, what a bad cousin I am!), won the shooting competition.

My aunt, Theresa, got in on the action with some guidance from my uncle, Eddie. This was the day my mom shot 3 for 3 and decided to quit while she was ahead. She still ended up with a whopper of a bruise in the shoulder/armpit area!!

Paige got a little BB Gun practice in, too.


Mom said...

Aww, come on Nin! We played nines! Hahahaha ... sixes are for wimps!!

Kalinda said...

You're right.... I had to edit my post and change it from 6s to 9s.