Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sunday's Haul

I went out to the garden on Sunday and found some veggies waiting for me to pick them.

We've already picked about the same amount of beans, another pepper and another tomato (much bigger than this one). We've got loads of 'maters on the vine, I can't wait until they all turn red! A bunch of corn out there, more zucchini growing, and even another pepper or two. Exciting stuff, exciting stuff.
I think I need to head out there w/ my spray bottle and a milk mixture (1:9) and spray my tomato plants - I'm starting to see some Early Blight. Better stay away!! Last year it all but took over the plants! I already plucked off some of the lower leaves, now I'll spray with the milk and cross fingers its enough to keep the fungus at bay!

While at my parents last week, the kids picked some peaches (pics of that coming up soon). Mom and Dad sent home a couple of ice cream buckets full of peaches for my sis and I. I used one bucket (the ones that were getting very ripe) and made those into jam today. This recipe used unflavored gelatin instead of pectin. We'll see how it turns out in the end. As of now (I just finished) it seems very syrup-y. Mom says that would still be fine, even if it doesn't thicken, since we can just use it as peach syrup.
These aren't sealed - the recipe says to use within 3 weeks. Looks like my sister's family and I will be eating a lot of toast and pancakes in the near future!!

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