Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Enjoying farm life

This peach, and the hundreds of others like it on the tree, was one of the main attractions last week on the farm. The kids spent a large amount of time gathered around the tree picking the fruit. The peaches were just a bit under-ripe and we adults warned the kiddos that they'd get a belly ache if they continued to eat so much. We later learned that they were picking a peach, taking a bite, tossing it on the ground, then going in for another peach. Not cool, kids!

There was also a cherry tree nearby. Its season had almost passed but we were still able to find a few juicy cherries! (Notice the red hands.)

On our first Saturday there, the kids did their thing with the fruit then helped Papa bring in the large hay bales - needed to clear some room for the big firework show the next day!

First they went out in the truck (notice Alex munching on a peach):

A little while later they headed to a different pasture in the tractor.

Papa actually let Paige and Ajay steer. I hear Ajay was all over the place while Paige did a decent job of keeping the tractor going straight.

Helping with the hay bales was a very "off and on" thing for the kids. Alex stuck it out the longest. I think he really enjoyed himself. This is what Paige and Ajay did some of the "off" time:

Yeah. They were filthy. And they loved every minute of it.

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