Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas 2012 - D (Christmas Day)

The boys woke up bright and early (around 6:15am) and a few minutes later came tearing into our bedroom and woke us up.  They declared that Santa had been by and that he didn't finish the hot chocolate that had been left out.  "See, Mom, we should've left chocolate milk!"
Biju called his family in India and we all got to wish them a Merry Christmas.  Aren even gave some kisses over the phone.

After Christmas Mass we came back home and lazed around the house a bit.  I dressed Aren in a little Santa suit.

And he sat in his rocking chair and read a book.
I made up a traditional Christmas meal for all of us.  Traditional for me, anyway.  We had had some delicious Chicken Curry for dinner on Christmas Eve so for Christmas Day I made up some of what we would've eaten had we made it to my parents.  (Even though they actually celebrated a couple of days before Christmas.)
Mashed sweet potatoes w/ marshmallows, ham, a cheese and cracker tray, deviled eggs, rolls, corn casserole.
The boys opened their gifts from each other and from Mommy and Daddy then spent the rest of the evening playing.

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