Friday, February 1, 2013

Happy 5th Birthday, Alex!

(This post was supposed to go up yesterday, on Jan. 31st, but it didn't.) 
I'm going out of sequence with the Christmas posts so I can wish Alex a BIG Happy Birthday! 
This little guy has so much spunk, spirit and energy I wish he could share some with me!  He is so sweet and thoughtful.  If he sees something needs done with a screwdriver he's on top of it.  Something needs batteries changed out?  Not a problem for this kid!
If Aren is upset, he fixes it.  Sometimes it doesn't always need fixing, in my opinion, but he doesn't like seeing his little brother upset.  For example, Aren is blocked out of the kitchen by a couple of gates and he does not like this set up.  So he stands at the gate and cries and Alex comes and puts him over.  Then, of course, Aren climbs onto the table, stands on it, starts to swing the light fixture and spills any water cups that may be up there. 
Alex has made up a couple of words in the last couple of weeks.  Darned if I can remember the second one (I should've written it down immediately) but for the first word I do remember he was telling a story and used the word "Sun-cicle" - like an icicle but made of sun, I guess.
Our lives would certainly be a bit more boring without our Alex!
A little flashback:

And now to present time:


Anna Cline said...

Love the flashback photos! How did you get the first picture of the present ones to do that with the lighting? Did you get a special lens?

Kalinda said...

It was a setting on our camera. ( I didn't use the SLR, it's just our "point and shoot")

Erin said...

Wow, love seeing those baby pics and chubby little sweet cheeks!
Happy Birthday Alex!!!

Angeleena said...

Happy 5th birthday Alex!! You are certainly growing into one handsome hunk!!! ;)