Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Christmas 2012 - C (Christmas Eve)

We were going to go to my parents for our Christmas celebration, as usual, but the van was acting up and we didn't trust taking it on such a long trip and in such cold weather.  We stayed home and had a quiet Christmas Eve and Day. 

Aren reading a book with Gracie nearby.  A book and a kitty - what more could Aren ask for?? 

Christmas Eve we let the boys open one gift ....

It was matching jammies!  Well, not exactly matching, I guess, but they were all Angry Bird pajamas.

And then Aren convinced Ajay to read a book to him. 

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Anna Cline said...

Aren looks like a little chunk in the last picture when Ajay is reading to him! I love the new jammies for Christmas Eve!