Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Recipe Wednesday - A better day

This is a much needed recipe for myself.  Today was a rough day for me as a mother so I'm going to put this recipe up so I can come back here and look at it tomorrow.  And again and again as often as needed.

Ingredients Needed
2 Ears - to listen with
2 Eyes - to see the good
1 Mouth - to say positive things, not negative
2 arms - to give and receive hugs as needed
* May require the use of Mouth again to give smooches to little ones
1 Brain - to help keep you focused that the children are children for such a short period of time and you don't want to spoil this time by stressing out over the little things. 

I admit, this is a bit cheesy but don't we all need a bit of cheese now and then?  Nachos, anyone??

Do you have a good recipe for A Better Day to share?

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