Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recipe Wednesday - Kettle Corn

I just made up a batch of kettle corn and I'm having a hard time keeping my hands out of the popcorn bowl long enough to type!  I found this recipe a couple of years back on  I've sorted through a few of the comments and figured out what seems helpful.

1/4 cup oil (I use either canola or coconut)
1/4 cup white sugar
1/2 cup popcorn kernals

Use a large pan (like a dutch oven) with a lid.  You'll certainly want the lid so your popcorn doesn't fly all over, right?  Put the pan over medium heat and pour in the oil plus three kernals of popcorn.  Once the three kernals pop the oil is ready - add in the sugar and let it melt (you might need to stir it around a bit with a rubber spatula).  The melting should happen pretty quickly.  Pour in the kernals, replace the lid and swirl to coat the kernals in the sugar/oil.  Alternate 3 seconds on the heat and then shaking for three seconds.  This is to keep the sugar from burning.  Continue alternating until the popping has slowed.  Remove the lid and sprinkle in some salt (to your taste).  Pour into another bowl - have it ready and waiting.  If you keep the popcorn in the hot pan, or take too long to transfer it to another bowl, the sugar and popcorn on the bottom of the pan will burn.  Lightly brown (carmelized) is yum.  Burned black is not yum.

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