Monday, November 14, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks back we were lucky enough to be invited to go to a pumpkin patch!  It was great fun.   
The kids first got to learn a bit about how pumpkins grow and the different kinds of pumpkins (and gords) there are.
Then we took a tractor and wagon ride out to the fields so all the kids could pick out a pumpkin. Here are a few of the kiddos discussing their finds.
Ajay in the air on the see-saw...

Alex in the air on the see-saw (although they weren't riding the see-saw together).

A little bouncing fun.  A big "pillow" filled with air.  Ajay tried to do a flip and landed wrong.  He was in pain for weeks afterwards.  I'm actually wondering if perhaps he cracked a rib!!??

Alex sitting on the ground.  (He had actually just come down a big slide
Here he is going back up the hill to slide back down - if that gives you any idea of how big the slide was.

We packed a lunch and enjoyed our meal in the fresh air.

The boys could.not.wait to decorate their pumpkins!  (I was the mean mommy who made them wait 'til the next day.)

The finished project on display on our porch.  Ajay's is on the left, Alex's on the right.

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