Saturday, December 3, 2011

Getting bigger!

Trying rice cereal.  Not too fond of it.  We keep trying, though!  (And he keeps refusing!  I think it's time to try something else.)

Lovin' the Exersaucer.  It's a great place for him to hang out and get a good view of everything.

Yum yum!!

Really gnawing on those toesies!

First time in the booster - he got a kick out of his new view.  (He's wearing his blanket and was ready for bed so this happy grin quickly melted into a cry that said "put me to BED!") - Oh, and thats drool rash on his face.  I alternate coconut oil and shea butter on it.  It looks better when he can keep it dry but he sucks his thumb so its wet/irritated much of the day.

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mommyjoymarie said...

Cutie! Micah didn't do well with the rice cereal either...he has done much better with oatmeal. He also likes his exersaucer (except only in the morning for some reason) and loves his toes!! We need to get these guys together again soon, sounds like they'd get along. :)