Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bug Lady - Part TWO!

As I mentioned in this post a couple of days back Ajay won a classroom visit from the Bug Lady.  Today was that day!  Ajay was out of school yesterday because he was ill. Sore throat, nasty cough, slight fever, so he stayed home to recoup.  We were both relieved when he awoke better this morning.  Still coughing, but better overall. 

He climbed into our bed this morning around 5:30am telling me he was worried the Bug Lady would forget she was supposed to come to do her presentation today.  And then he couldn't get back to sleep!  (He got kicked out of the bed around 6:30 because I was afraid he would wake Alex, who had come into our bed around 1am .... more on the bed situation coming up in a future post.) 

We got to school right on time and since Mrs. B had asked us to stay for the presentation we came prepared with our camera.  The bug-show was to begin 30 min. after the school bell rang so Ajay and his classmates sat down and drew on their dry erase boards while they waited.  Mrs. B even asked Alex if he'd like to draw, too, so he joined right in.  A trip to the bathroom and a drink was preceded by a firm yet gentle warning that anyone not behaving in the hallway or bathroom would not be able to see the Bug Lady.

When she arrived she had her dog with her.  What a sweet dog, he was, too!  However, some of the children (Alex included) freaked out when he came in.  Alex hid behind my elbow as I sat nursing Aren.  One little girl worked herself up into a right panic!  She actually chose to miss the whole presentation because of the pooch (who laid in the back of the room and slept through most of the show).

The kids were great.  I think they were very well behaved - it helped that the teachers stayed on top of things.  When the kids got to a level above a loud whisper they were asked to quiet back down again.  The bug lady also did a very good job of describing what the kids would be seeing, hearing and feeling.  And she demonstrated a sign to give if they didn't want to get close up with a creature (hand in front of their face).

Giving her introduction - which included how she got Henry, the dog, age 4.  Unfortunately, he was abused as a pup.  Fortunately, he was found and fixed up right and is now a "working dog" - he goes to schools with her and even has a job of his own - he works at a library at a school.  He wears a special vest and when children are done looking at books they put the books in his vest and he returns them to the front desk. 
All four 1st grade classes (over 80 students) were invited and there was also another special visitor - Daddy! He wasn't able to stay the whole time but since Ajay had asked him to come he took a little break from work.

The presentation we saw today was longer than the one we saw at the park last month.  There were other animals besides just bugs - such a great experience for all involved!

Ajay taking his turn to put his hand in the container full of big bugs.

Alex petting Sonic, the hedgehog.

One of the teachers wanted some baby cuddles.

Alex holding the parakeet.  Only one kid freaked out and yanked his hand back, causing the bird to jump to the ground and start walking around.  This kid was in the front row so the Bug Lady reassured the other children that the boy wasn't hurt, just tickled by the birds feathers. Almost everyone took the opportunity to hold this cute little lady.
We've enjoyed ourselves both times we've seen the Bug Lady.  If you're local and have the chance, be sure to check her out! 


Erin said...

Looks like fun! I however would stay away from the bugs and opt for cuddly animals like the hedgehog!

AND how do you get your blog so colorful with the different backgrounds, fonts, etc??

Kalinda said...

The hedgehog is cute but certainly not cuddly! And we were warned that it is nocturnal and would keep us up at night should we decide to run out and buy one as a pet.
I either use the design feature here in Blogger and change things around, or I go to The Cutest Blog on the Block and use their templates. Even then I had to do a lot of working in the "design" feature to get things looking right. TCBOTB has a link at the top of the page, I think.