Saturday, November 12, 2011

A new bed

I've been having some major back pain recently (starting about 4 months ago) and Biju and I thought perhaps we could blame it on our bed.  It wasn't an old bed as we bought it new about 6 years ago, but it was still pretty smooshy in the middle.  We decided to buy a new bed to see if that was the problem.  See, I had gone to a chiropractor 3x with no ease in the pain, and I recently finished up an 8 course treatment with a Physical Therapist with still no ease in pain.  We were wondering if maybe all the good I was doing for my back was being undone each night as I slept. 

Also, even though it isn't a nightly occurrence, we occasionally end up with small children sharing our bed space. 

So we upgraded to a king sized Tempurpedic.  It has taken some getting used to and in the beginning my back hurt more when I woke up than before.  But from what we read and what we were told while out shopping, these beds are made to get you/keep you aligned.  I'm hoping that the new pain is only temporary as my back lines itself up and stays that way.  (I must say it is already starting to feel better here in recent mornings.)

And yes, there is a lot more room for children now.  No more fear of rolling over and squishing a little one.  No longer will a parent cling to the edge of the bed hoping a stray foot doesn't send them tumbling to the floor.  (Although for the first time the other morning we ended up in the H position .... Biju on one side, me on the other and Alex laying perpendicular in the middle!)

Here are the boys breaking in the new bed.  We were actually told to let them bounce on the bed the day it was delivered to "break open those cell walls" so the bed wouldn't be too firm.

If you're inclined to believe such things you might wonder if there was "someone else" bouncing on the bed with the boys that day!!  (See the orb to the left of Alex?)
Now, as it turns out, I had a physical recently.  Since I had had no relief in my back pain my doctor decided to have some X-Rays done.  She (and the radiologist who looked at the x-rays) discovered that I had some fusing going on where there shouldn't've been.  Something about my vertebra and sacrum.  She said sometimes it doesn't bother people with this same "condition" and sometimes it does.  I guess in my case, it does.  I can either continue PT or have some sort of shot administered.  I guess I'll have to do some research and decide which is the best course of action!

We're still keepin' the bed, though.

And here is my favorite picture that I took of the boys that day:

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Erin said...

Congrats on the new bed! We need a bigger one too...the dogs take up too much room! :)
Love the pic of all three boys...they are getting so big and always so stinkin' cute!!!!