Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Bug Lady

As mentioned previously Alex is now in a class that is for three year olds, one night a week.  Biju and I take turns attending class with Alex while the other parent takes Ajay to a "Kwai Ton Do" class (although most of you would know it as Tae Kwan Do).  A few weeks back we were asked to go to one of the parks in town instead of going to our regular classroom. 

We were to meet....The Bug Lady!

The Bug Lady brought all sorts of bugs and creepy crawly things. It was nice, actually, seeing some of these things close up.  And it was really nice seeing some of the creatures close up while still in a container!  At least now I know what a Black Widow and a Brown Recluse look like!

A centipede
The underside of the ::shudder:: brown recluse.

Millie, the millipede. So big!
This container held a couple of butterflies.  The Bug Lady described how the butterflies have to flap their wings to get the blood flowing - and there was butterfly blood all over this net. 
Then all of the children were given nets to go explore the park and try to find bugs of their own.  They were also told that there were big plastic bugs hidden out there and if you found one you got a special surprise. 

 Ajay did find one, in fact, and his surprise was a free visit to his classroom by the Bug Lady.  How awesome is that??  He was so excited to give his teacher the news.  I do believe she has set up the visit for this coming Thursday. 

Have you seen any awesome bugs lately? 

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Michelle said...

The Bug Lady keeps coming up!! I first heard about her from my soon to be new neighbors whose son's classroom has been visited several times by The Bug Lady. He also went to one of her summer camps last summer and now takes one of her Saturday classes. My current neighbors went to her open house a few weeks ago and signed up their oldest son for her Saturday classes. And then there was a big article in the paper about her. Hmmm...I think I'm suppose to check her out!