Thursday, September 1, 2011

A few firsts

Can you see it?  Alex wrote his name :)  It's really light but it's there.

Ajay's first crochet chain!  He gave it to a neighbor-girl as a bracelet.

Nice and even chains - I'm so proud of him :)

Aren's first bottle!!  Gotta love pumped breastmilk.  And he didn't have a problem at all with drinking from a bottle.
Gettin' into the groove.

Ahhh....happy tummy - provided by Daddy!
**I had a picture here of Ajay's first day of school but I noticed it had the name of the school in the background so I deleted it**

This is Alex getting a drink from the fountain after dropping Ajay off in First Grade.

The first time the boys got to give Aren a bottle.

They love being able to "nurse" Aren, too.

Ajay's first piece of homework.


Aidy said...

Kalinda! I can't believe how big Aren is getting. The boys look so precious feeding him. I hope everything is going well. I'll try and remember to come here more often. :)


Kalinda said...

Aidy! So glad you popped in :) We'll have to e-mail.