Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gorgeous weather!

Is anyone else (at least those in Kansas) completely in love with the weather we're having right now??  After having waaay too many 100+ degree days this summer I am just eating up this upper seventies/lower eighties stuff. 

This weekend, whenever a child would ask "Can I play the *insert electrical game device*" I would shout "NO! Go outside!"  It was nice not having to worry if they were getting enough water, or watching them come back inside after 5 minutes all red faced and dripping with sweat.

And ya know what?  Even *I* played outside for awhile with them!  We played tag and baseball and other times I just sat out there with Aren watching the two bigger boys run around.  And can I tell you how much Aren loves being outside?  Even when it was 104deg. on our front porch and we were waiting for Ajay to get off the bus he just lounged on my lap.  If he ever starts getting fussy and I want to try to keep him awake a little bit longer, we head out to the porch swing.  Good boy.  (Alex is always saying "good boy" to Aren, which I think deserves a "good boy" for Alex!  Way to be a positive big brother!)

Since I was busy chasing down baseballs I didn't get any photos of the outdoor play this weekend.  However, I do have some pics of Alex and Aren outside last week while Ajay was in school.  So here is a little something to feast your eyes on. 

Just a little sidenote - We've got the house opened up for fresh air and to give the ole a/c a break and I'm actually tempted to put on a light sweater!  As I type, it is 11am and it is 65 deg. outside! 

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