Thursday, September 8, 2011

A baby shower!

So you know what that means - there will soon be a new baby to snuggle.  This time, the proud Mama and Daddy are Tonya and Brian.

We celebrated Tonya's pregnancy recently and we just can't wait to meet Baby Jazmine.  (I'm sure that's the name they've settled on, but I know Sage was also on their list, and I do like that name for them, I must say.)  

Ajay and Alex stayed home with Biju while I took Aren with me.  We met up with Lisa, Natalie, Erin and Janel.  (Pssst.... Lisa made that necklace she's wearing!  Cute, no?)

We had fun playing games, watching the couple open their gifts and eating cake.  I got a kick out of the plates - another party goer pointed this out:
Sure, it says "Cute as a Button" but what pops out at you?  I guess all babies do have cute little butts, right??
After the shower, a few of "The Girls" and I went to drool over some yarn at a local yarn shop.  We ooh'd and ahh'd to our hearts content, and felt everything up.  We then headed over to Hobby Lobby and bought some yarn.  (Was that wrong of us??)  Natalie and Janel even bought a "learn to crochet" kit so they can have yarn fun, too!

Later in the afternoon we gathered at my house.  This allowed Biju to go out and do some shopping for an upcoming trip and the boys got to play with their aunties.  Lisa brought over Russell (her hubby) and Ellie, their 3 yo daughter. 

Such hams.
As you may recall from a recent post, I'm teaching Ajay to crochet. He took this knowledge and passed it on to Natalie. I couldn't help but look on with pride and a fat smile as he patiently showed her how to do the slip knot and start the chain.

Erin took over the crochet lesson when Natalie was ready to move on past the chain.  And since Ajay refused to teach Janel (we don't know why - one pupil only??) Lisa helped get Janel started with her lessons.

Aren helping Janelzebub with her yarn project.
Don't forget to check out our craft blog.  There's more than just crochet projects there.  Hopefully we'll be adding more soon!!

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