Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Some friends invited us to bring the boys by their church for a little Halloween fun.  There were games for the kiddos to play and I gotta say, they really enjoyed themselves! 
This was the first game Ajay played of the evening - and the one he returned to over and over.  If you look closely, sort of under the table, you can see his orange "bullet" in mid-air.   At one point he actually got the suction cup bullet to stick to one of the aluminum cans!

Ready, aim, tongue out, fire!

It's the little guy's turn!

Time to paint a pumpkin!  (He's using paint that is meant for adult crafts, not childrens crafts, and this paint is NOT washable!)

A little face-paint...

A silver and bronze bumble bee!

He wasn't quite sure what to do, even after I explained that he was supposed to take a bite of the donut without using his hands.  In the end, the guy running this game held the string still so the poor kid could take a bite.

Candy-Bar Walk.... Alex won twice.  A full sized Butterfinger and full sized Hershey's with Almonds bar.

Gotta go back to do some more pumpkin painting.

You can see Ajay got his face painted, also - he opted for a green eye mask!

Ronnie explaining the rules to Curtis and Alex - they were running candy from a bowl on one table to a bowl on a second table. 

Playing pool.
Thanks, Angie and Ronnie, for asking us to come along.  What a fun night.

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