Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Gender Prediction: Test 3

Here is another fun way to predict gender:

A = Your age in the year the baby is due, regardless of before or after your birthday.
B = The month of your last period
If A minus B is even, it's a girl.
If A minus B is odd, it's a boy.

Ajay:  His birth year, 2005, minus my birth year, 1978, equals 27.  So 27 minus 8 (August) = 19 - an odd number.  Odd # means BOY.

Alex: 2008-1978 = 30 - 5 = 25 - odd number means BOY.

This baby:  2011-1978 = 33  - 8 = 25 - odd number means this baby should be a
(I had to edit this because the first time I used 2010 to calculate, woops!) 

**Click HERE to find out what the gender is**


Sarah Hanna said...
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Sarah Hanna said...

This says I should be having a boy but I am sticking with my orginal thoughts that it is a girl :)