Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

I think I've overloaded on candy. I guess it's better me than the kids, right?? They had quite a bit today as it was and I don't think we need to go "there" again!

The morning started with a little visit from the Easter Bunny. He figured we could all share a family basket. I had colored some eggs yesterday for the Bunny to put with the treats. The yellow eggs were boiled with turmeric, the grayish-purple eggs were boiled with grape juice and the middle egg is supposed to be orange, boiled with paprika. The Easter Bunny was nice enough to leave not only the 4 little bags of Sun Chips, but also the rest of the little bags, too - I think he must've gone shopping at Sams ;)

We then got ready for church. I had picked up new pants and shirts for the boys earlier in the week - the shirts fit fine but they both ended up "swimming" in their slacks, so we had to fall back on other pants. This year our neighbors invited us to go to their church services. We thought we'd try it out. Before the service we checked the boys into their age appropriate classes. They each got to do some hunting for Easter eggs, and Ajay said he saw a video (I saw a bible video playing when we dropped him off). Biju and I both thoroughly enjoyed the service. We actually got to pay attention to what was being said (we're normally trying to keep the boys in line)! The pastor was very well spoken and you could tell everyone there wanted to be there. (Not saying that Catholics don't want to be at mass, but it was a different atmosphere.)

After church we came back, took a quick picture, then enjoyed some chicken curry that Biju had made.

We all took a nice afternoon nap then went outside to play.

Alex thought a tree needed swept:

Alex also thought he needed to be on the bike instead of Ajay:

Biju put some pork chops in a marinade early this morning and stuck them out on the grill early this evening. I made up some sweet potato fries to go with, so they got put on the grill, too.

Biju called India a couple times to wish his family a Happy Easter and I called my folks a couple times, too. My mom says they all went out and played a little baseball! I'm looking forward to see those pictures, for sure!

Hope you all had a blessed day, full of love and comfort!


Shelly said...

Yeah...about that ballgame...our Bubby popped a foul ball and dented my car, right as we were loading up to leave. Aside from that little mishap though, it was a lovely day!

Kalinda said...

Ohhh noooo!!

Anonymous said...

You really had a wonderful easter with your family!!