Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Goofing Around

(A little heads-up: This post is picture heavy - so enjoy!)

Boys will be boys.

Ajay's newest discovery is that he can stand on his head. Alex, of course, wants to do everything Brother does.

Ajay has also been practicing "super-dee-duperty" hard on blowing bubbles with his gum. He finally succeeded a couple days ago. I don't have any pics of the bubbles, though. And when Alex tries, he just ends up spitting his gum out onto the carpet/tile/brick patio. Oops.

Boys love dirt, right? At least that is what I was informed.

And you know when they come in that they'll be filthy. I asked Ajay after taking this picture "Why is Alex so filthy?" and Ajay's response was "Because we got filthy, and we like getting filthy." Honesty is the best policy.

The boys love their Gracie. Ajay has asked a couple times to have his picture taken with the cat:

Alex got ahold of some stickers and decorated himself. The first picture looks innocent enough, but in the second one he looks like quite the little rascal!!

Alex enjoys painting....but he'd rather not get paint on the paper. Instead, he reserves the bold colors for his skin!

I hope you've enjoyed the latest installment of "How many pictures can Kalinda squeeze into one post?"


mommyjoymarie said...

Yay! I finally found your blog!! Love the boys standing on their heads. :)

Kalinda said...

Welcome :) Glad you found us!!