Monday, November 1, 2010

Belated/Early Birthday Party

Well, we missed throwing my aunt Theresa a big party on her 50th last year.  A few days before her 51st, we threw her a little "belated" party.  My aunt Tina got the ball rolling, sent out the invites and asked everyone to do a "This is Your Life" theme.  This party happened to take place the Sunday afternoon after I wrapped up my girls weekend.  Brandi, Jenna and Ajay picked me up from the B&B and we headed back to my parents farm.  It was great to "reunite" with the boys - turns out Alex was not happy spending the night without either of his parents.  Nana and Papa had their work cut out for them keeping the little guy from throwing a bunch of fits.  Ajay had lots of fun - he went to a hog-roast w/ my older brother and his family.  I don't think he got to bed until midnight Saturday night!  Sometime over the weekend Ajay smeared poke berry juice on the side of the van (which I'd left w/ the family while I was away).  Luckily, the poke berry juice didn't stain the van's paint job.  Aunt Brandi got out her enviro cloth and a bucket of water and put the rascal to work cleaning up his graffiti.

Cousin Jenna acted as foreman to make sure the job got done properly.

Alex took a nap but I ended up waking him a bit early.  We had a schedule to stick to, after all.  As it was we were still about an hour late for Aunt Theresa's party.  She was pretty excited that so many people from her life were there to celebrate with her and remind her of days gone by.  For those who couldn't be there in person, they mailed cards - and she had a lot of cards!!  She is a well-loved woman with a very kind heart.  Slow to anger, too - wish I had more of her qualities!

The party was held at an old pharmacy, I do believe.  The treats were laid out on the bar - lots of goodies made by my mom and Aunt Tina.  Aunt Tina was nice enough to send home a little goody tray.  Yum!!  The boys love her cinnamon bread (as do Biju and I)!  

The boys enjoying their snack (they both insisted on posing this way - putting food into their mouths), then the Birthday Girl with me and the boys (you can see some of the old pharmacy items in the display shelves in the background of the pics): 

Ajay picked up on a theme - Aunt Theresa loves horses - so he grabbed a pen and paper and drew her a picture... of horses. 

Here are the four siblings.  Youngest to oldest, Uncle Eddie, Aunt Theresa, Aunt Tina, Cindy (Mom):

And here is a picture of a picture - Grandma and Grandpa holding Aunt Theresa at her baptism.  See that baptism gown?  That's the same gown I was baptized in and so were Ajay and Alex (among other members of our family).

After the party the boys helped a little with the clean-up.  Here, Alex is helping to wind up the red ribbon.  We couldn't leave until he had finished that ribbon!  We hope you enjoyed your party, Aunt Theresa, it was great getting to visit with you on such a special day.  We wish you many more fabulous birthdays!

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