Saturday, November 13, 2010

I hosted Bunco!

Okay, so I'm almost a month late posting about my hosting preparations - after all, there is going to be another Bunco next week! - but I still wanted to share the fun I had. 

A few months back, when I signed up to host, I started thinking of what I should make for dinner and dessert.  I was leaning towards an Indian theme but I knew there were some ladies who had certain aversions (one doesn't like onions and Indian food is chock full of onions).  I began tossing around a few other ideas but I kept coming back to the Indian food.  I know I enjoy the flavors, I knew a couple other ladies had tasted and enjoyed the spinach dahl, so I thought "what the heck, we'll give it a shot!" 

The menu consisted of:
Chicken Curry (made by Biju)
Spinach Dahl
White Rice
Samosa Puffs
Gulab Jamuns (think fried donut holes soaked in a sugar syrup) with Vanilla Ice Cream.
(Biju helped a lot with the GJ - frying them all whilst I tied up other loose ends.)

I personally loved the menu and I really hoped that others would enjoy it, also.  Lisa did say she was disappointed I didn't have any biryani.  Funny thing, biryani didn't even cross my mind! 

For the four prizes I made up lotion bars (same ingredients as lip balm, just different measurements so it sets up thicker), bath salts, sugar scrub and, for good measure, I threw in a couple chocolates. 

Getting everything prepped for the prize bags.

In the back, one of the bags all ready to go, with a little turkey ornament.  In the front, what is inside the prize bag:  Lavender Oil Sugar Scrub (with an owl ornament on top), Peppermint Oil Bath Salt, Lindt Chocolates, Recipes for the prizes, Lotion Bar. 

In the end we had to move the Bunco location to Angie's house - the count was getting up to 4 tables and we just can't fit that many people in our small house.  I loaded up all the food and whatnot and headed over to Angie's to get everything set up.  The count wasn't as high as originally anticipated but there were still 10 ladies so I'm glad we were at Angie's for the extra room.   It was a lot of fun and I'm already starting to think about what I'll do next year when I host again :) 

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