Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Random October Pics

There are some pics I wanted to share with you that don't really fall under any other post, so I'm just going to chuck them out there and let ya take a look.

Ajay reading a Beatrix Potter book to Alex before bedtime.

Ajay making a snowman out of his Bendarooz... the snowman is standing on snow and there is grass underneath.
I think Alex was working on a big snake.
Alex, eating a waffle, in the laundry basket.
Out on the swing.  I was being scolded for something.
The boys putting a puzzle together on the table.  (Matching a picture of something to the letter the picture begins with.  Like the Umbrella picture got matched up with the U puzzle piece.)
Boys being boys.
I'm not sure what he was doing, specifically, but he's pretty darned proud of himself for getting into that shoe box.
I had to throw this one in - Audrey falling asleep at the table while drinking her bottle. 
A couple of weeks back both boys were going through a "scary monster" and "afraid of the dark despite having a nightlight" phase.  We ended up putting them in the same bed to give each other comfort for awhile. 
The week of Halloween, Ajay's school was having "spirit week."  This day was designated "Crazy Hair Day" so I loaded Ajay's hair up with gel and gave him a little mohawk.  Alex, of course, had to have the same.  Ajay said so many kids had played with his hair that day, it had fallen by lunchtime.  (Which happened to be Lunch with Dad day, and Biju went to school to eat a picnic lunch with his son.) 
 Thanks for swinging by to take a look at our pictures!! 

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