Sunday, November 28, 2010


What?  This is supposed to be my Thanksgiving Post?  Yeah, well, I'm still trying to catch up on October.  Luckily, November wasn't as busy, so it won't take long to get current.  We had a few different Halloween events so to spare you one huge post, I'll break everything up into smaller bits. 

Ajay had his first ever school concert.  The kids involved in this concert were in kindergarten through second grade, I believe.  And can you believe I forgot the camera??  Good thing we don't live too far from where the concert was held and Biju was able to dash home real quick to get it.  Such a good Daddy.

Our view from the back row.  Lots of kids, lots of family!
Alex had a hard time keeping still during the production.
I tried from all sorts of angles to get the best shot of our clown - this turned out to be a keeper.
And what school concert post would be complete without a video clip or two??  As mentioned before, we were in the back row, so I had to zoom in.  Of course zooming in made any little movement on my part seem big, so I apologize for the shaky quality!  (There is also a baby crying in one of these, but it gets taken out of the room after a bit.)

Fun times.  And we're looking forward to many more concerts - Ajay's, Alex's and the new baby's! 

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