Friday, November 12, 2010

Gender Prediction: Test 2

Time for another gender prediction.  I was intending on posting this a few weeks back but as with all of my October posts, I'm way behind!

I read about a study that was done that placed a correlation between where the baby attaches to the uterus and what the gender is.  Notice I say I read about the study - I tried reading through the study and I went a bit cross-eyed.  To sum up what the idea is, you can make an educated guess as to what the gender is by looking at an early sonogram (7 wks or so).  If the baby/placenta attaches to the left side of the uterus then the baby is a girl, if it is on the right side, it is a boy.  So for any of you out there who had early sonograms, bust out your pics and take a look to see if it was right.  Just remember when you're looking at your sono pics - if the ultrasound was done on your abdomen then it is a reverse image.  Meaning if you see your baby on the left in the picture, then the baby was really attached on the right.  Make sense?  (If your u/s was done via the other method, then the picture remains true - left is left, right is right.)  It is supposed to have 97% accuracy.  I do have to say, though, that the last two pregnancies I tried to "guess" were wrong!  I thought for sure that both Angie and Amy were having girls and the babies are very clearly boys!

So on to my guess about our current baby.  (I didn't have early sonograms with either of the boys, so can't use any of their pics for comparison.)  I started having some issues with this pregnancy that worried me enough to call my OB.  The nurse got me in the next day for a sonogram just to check on the baby.  Turns out everything was fine.  Measurement was spot on (9 weeks, 1 day), heart rate was in the 170's (it is an amazing sight to see that little fluttering heart!) and the baby was attached on my right - so according to this gender prediction method, we're having a BOY

I'd love to know if this method was true or not for any of your pregnancies (for those of you to whom this may apply!) - so please feel free to leave some comments!

**Click HERE to find out what baby's gender is**


Michelle said...

With that high rate, I'd say you are having a girl!

echo said...

early on like that all the baby's HR are very very high Michelle...