Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pretty Polish!

Last year, a group of girlfriends went in together and got me a Spa Finder gift certificate.  It was a "mama gift" instead of a "baby gift" when Aren was born. 

I finally got around to using it today. (Only 13 months after the little guy was born!)

It was ahhhh-mazing! 

I went for the "relax package" which got me an hour long full body massage, a full pedicure and a full manicure.  I chose "Pear Vanilla Noir" as the scent to be used in my lotions and scrubs.  Smells divine! 

The massage felt wonderful - I think the therapist even used her feet at one point to get just the right pressure applied!  She also gave me tips on how to strengthen my vein walls so I don't have any more bursting blood vessels.  She suggested I take Vitamin C and/or put a bit of grapeseed oil in my lotion and rub it in  (just in case you'd like to know).  She then suggested rosemary and/or lavender essential oils to help with the arthritis in my back.  I think peppermint essential oil was supposed to be good, too, but she said to stay away from it since I'm nursing Aren.

After my massage I sat in my mani/pedi chair and stared at nail colors.  Now, I seem to get my nails painted about once a year.  I don't like the chemicals in the polish plus I'm pretty bad when it comes to taking care of the paint.  Ever see anyone with nails that should've had the paint removed weeks before?  That's how I am.   So I stared at colors determined to make the perfect choice for my annual painting.

So many decisions.  Do I want my toes and fingernails to match?  Do I want a bold and funky color for my toes and a quiet and sophisticated look for my fingers?  Do I want glitter?  I'm I feeling like pink?  Red?  Hmm, maybe I should even try yellow on my toes - if anything says Summer, that sure does! 

As I was sitting there all confused, my nail tech came in and apologized for being late - she was in the back playing with the magnetic nail colors. 

The what?  Did you say magnetic? 

Oh, yes!  Magnetic.  She then had the girl from the back come up and show me what they'd been playing with (the girl happened to be my massage therapist).  I gasped and said (a little too loudly, typical me) "Oh, how cute!" 

We got started with my feet and we discussed this, that, and the other and then turned the conversation back to nail colors.  I told her I didn't usually paint because of the chemicals and she assured me the paint they used was chemical free.  Oh, perfect!  However, the magnetic paint was not part of that same color line.  Phooey.  Oh well, it's just once a year, right?  So I went with the magnetic paint.

They only had two colors in the magnetic paint - blue and red.  Sounded patriotic, so I went with both for our upcoming holiday.  Blue for my toes, red for my fingers.  And they had 3 magnet shapes to use to pull the paint into designs.  I chose the star and the waves.  (I can't remember what the third design was.)

Ready to see how cute my nails turned out?? 

The kids love staring at my nails.  They think the colors are very pretty.  Aren is mesmerized.  Ajay even thinks my toes smell like blueberries.  In fact, tonight before bed he asked "Mom?  Can I smell your toes again?"  --  No, not tonight, honey. 


Nicole said...

That's hilarious!! Im glad that you got a chance to pamper yourself.

Angeleena said...

Oh the kids are hilarious!! :))) I love this!! I used to pamper my hands and nails before Isabelle.... now it's almost annual too... I love this magnetic look - I hope it comes out in pastel and pearly shades too for the darker people like ME!! ;)

Annie said...

Wow, haven't heard of magnetic nail polish before - it's fantastic! the part about Ajay wanting to smell your toes!