Monday, November 1, 2010

A little girl-time

(I almost had this posted two days ago but I lost over half the post, somehow.  I was very disheartened.  But here it is in all it's glory.  Enjoy!) 

In a previous post I mentioned that on a Saturday morning I gave my boys some luvins, hit the road and didn't see them again until late Sunday morning.  The following is an account of what took place during those 24+ hours:

Brandi and Jenna dropped me off at a good drop-off place and friends Janel, Natalie and Erin picked me up.  We headed into KC to meet up with Lisa and do a little shopping and eating at The Legends.  I grabbed myself a Mounds (coconut and dark chocolate flavored) decaf coffee from Scooters Coffeehouse.  The drink didn't last me long as it was sooo incredibly tasty and I slurped it down in no-time-flat!  As I slurped we headed into a shoe store.  Typically, I'm not a shoe kind of gal but I was actually on the hunt for a good pair of brown casual shoes.  I'm not a good shopper.  I doubt too much and always worry I'm not getting a good enough deal.  Luckily I had my girls with me and Lisa convinced me (and the other girls confirmed) that my shoe choice was indeed the right shoe and for that brand, the price was very right.  I have to admit that I've worn these shoes almost everyday for the last two weeks so I'm very glad I forked over the dough.  The other ladies made some good shoe buys, as well.

Nat and Lisa were looking for new purses which reminded me I needed a new purse as well.  We meandered into some shop where we found some cute hats.   We did a little trying-on-of-hats and did a lot of giggling.  We also thought "we can make these!" so no one actually bought the hats, especially the crocheted and knitted kind!

Here is Erin in a couple of hats.

And Lisa all smiles with her stylin' headgear.
We decided I needed to buy this color and texture of yarn and make a hat very similar! (It would go quite well with my brown winter jacket and the scarf I've already made up to wear with it.) 

We walked in and out of a few more shops (searching for purses) and looked high and low for a good place for a restroom.  Ya know, for a huge, glorified strip mall, The Legends really needs to work on its public restroom issue!!

We finally decided it was time to stop for lunch.  While I was lingering in one shop, the girls went over some of our options (and there were plenty!).  When I came back out to join them they said "you're the pregnant one, you get to decide.  Do you want Asian or Mexican?"  I hemmed and hawed a bit and finally decided on Mexican, so we dined at Los Cabos.  They served us the usual chips and salsa and Natalie ordered an appetizer of fried avocado.  OhMyGoodness.  Who woulda thunk they would taste so good?  (Obviously someone did, since someone created the recipe.)  A few of the gals toyed with the idea of getting a margarita but I don't believe anyone actually did.  We stuck with water and soda pop.  I had my first Dr. Pepper since finding out I was pregnant and ohh man was it good!  My lunch was all sorts of yummy and I was pleasantly pleased as the afternoon went on, that my "morning" sickness did not rear its ugly head.  I was feeling so fine, in fact, that Janel and I sneaked over to Cold Stone Creamery where I got a refreshing lemon sorbet (with gummy bears)!   Natalie, Lisa and I were all able to find our purses and so ended a fine morning/afternoon of shopping! 

We left KC and arrived at our next destination for the day, Holy Field Winery.

Being almost 8 weeks along I wasn't able to partake of the wine tasting.  (Do you know the last time we girls went to a winery was when I was 6 weeks pregnant with Alex??)  The ladies tasted a few wines, made their comments on what was their favorites and what was not making the cut...

...purchased a couple of bottles, then we headed towards The Barn Bed & Breakfast

 We got checked in and headed up the steep spiral stairs to the 3rd floor where our room was - and where Tonya was waiting for us!!  There were two king beds and two twin beds so we were able to sleep all 6 of us in one room (which really saved on our cost).   After getting caught up with Tonya and telling her about our day....

...and switching purses over (I do believe Lisa had everything but the kitchen sink!)...

...we headed out to the grounds to check out our surroundings.  Very peaceful and quiet.  And there was a pretty little lady helping us to enjoy our stay.

We found some lovely places to kick our feet up.

Once we felt refreshed we headed inside for dinner.  There was a group of German teachers celebrating some 25th anniversary.  We weren't sure if they were teachers who taught German, or teachers from Germany.  Either way, we couldn't understand what they were saying!  They were seated in the main dining area so we enjoyed our meal in a little nook.  Very quaint.  Dinner was tasty - some funnily named chicken dish, asparagus, a baked potato and a roll.  The ladies helped themselves to a glass of wine with their meal. 

Once dinner had ended we wound our way back upstairs to change into our swimming suits, then unwound our way back downstairs and headed to the pool.  (These pics were taken earlier in the afternoon while we were looking around the place.)

The pool looked very inviting.  However, it was not a heated pool!!  It took some of us quite awhile to ease our way into the deep end.  BRR!  Then we headed over to the hot tub.  Hot-tubbin' is not something one should do while pregnant (something scientific about not letting your body temp get to 102+ for an extended period of time, as it halts cell production... or something like that), so I just sat on the edge and put my legs in (up to my knees).  For the life of all of us we could not get that tub to get into bubble mode.  Turns out the system was locked up.  We enjoyed ourselves anyway and once we were done, we spent the rest of the night playing cards. 

Breakfast was served bright and early at 7:30am - early for us "old timers" who didn't get to bed until close to 1am!  But the smell of bacon is enough to get just about anyone moving!  (Except vegetarians, I guess!)  We had our breakfast in the nook, again, then said good-bye to Lisa as she hit the road back to her mom's place.  The rest of us hung out chit-chatting and working on some crafts.  I crocheted a bit and Natalie, with the help of Erin, worked on a little sewing project. 

We really had quite a time.  The only sad part was that we were missing Elissa and Morgan.  Hopefully we can organize something like this again and we'll have all 8 of us!!  If you'd like to read Erin's take on the weekend and see her pics, click on over to our craft blog, How Crafty Are We, and look under "Girls Weekend."

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