Tuesday, August 19, 2014


At the end of June, Biju and I celebrated our 10th anniversary.  We wanted to do something special so we decided to make a weekend of it.  We made plans to take the boys to my sister-in-law/brother's so the boys could enjoy some family time while we enjoyed some childless, focus-on-your-spouse time. 

As we were researching things to do in the Kansas City area we kept coming up with things to do with the boys.  (Many of you might understand how hard it is to plan something without thinking "Oh!  The kids would love this!" each step of the way!)  We decided to make a full vacation out of it.  We would spend a few days in KC, just the two of us, then we would drive back to my family's (about an hour + from there) to get the boys and drive back to let the kids experience some of the fun.

On the road to visit family!  Don't be fooled, Alex is not sleeping.  Ajay did some crocheting along the way.  He is still at the chain stage.  We've tried moving on to single crochet stitches but he gets too frustrated.

We got to Nana and Papa's and raided the fruit trees.  Alex is showing his juice covered hands.

....Which reminded me of a younger Alex, same shirt, same pose, same juicy hands (although a tad juicier!)
And while taking a quick stroll down memory lane, I thought I'd throw in this picture of Ajay from that same visit 4 years ago. He had fallen in the driveway and gotten a bit of a scrape.  As you can see he was not happy.
After saying our goodbyes to the boys we headed to our first destination.  If you look in the mirror you can see the storm clouds behind us.  I thought it made for a pretty cool photo.

One of the many fountains in KC.

For dinner one evening we tried out a vegan restaurant.  It was quite tasty!  .....And then we hit a non-vegan ice cream place for dessert.  Ha!

We didn't have The Cheesecake Factory in our plans but it was fun to take a picture in front of it :)

Funky clouds to stare at while slurping on our ice cream.
Get ready for some more vacation shots in upcoming posts!  Just imagine you're sitting our couch and we have the slide projector set up, 'kay?  Click-click, whoosh.  Click-click, whoosh.

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