Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sight Seeing

While Biju and I were in Kansas City we headed to Union Station.  It served as a functioning train station from 1914 through 1985.  It was pretty cool to see some of the older style of architecture.

I just loved the ceiling work in there!

 We walked around a bit and enjoyed the train room.  All kinds of trains in various sizes, colors, makes, models, etc. 
See that guy on the bench to the left?  We guessed he was there meditating.  We weren't really sure what he was doing but he was there, sitting up straight, with his eyes closed the whole time we were there.  Also, there was a good handful of people there with their tennie-runners on getting some exercise over their lunch break.
We thought it was fun to walk over the traffic in the corridor that connected Union Station to the building across the street.

Not that there was really all that much traffic at that time....

While in KC Biju figured it was a must to stop and get some authentic BBQ.  The slab of ribs on the left was his lunch.  The tub-o-potato-salad on the right was mine.  It was the closest I could get to a vegetarian dish in a BBQ joint!

Then we drove back to my hometown to get our boys!  We missed them quite a bit and we could tell by their hugs and snuggles they had missed us, too.  (Even now, a month and a half later, Aren will randomly give me a hug and say "I missed you from Aunt Brandi's!")
I failed to mention previously that the first full day we were apart from the boys, Aren woke up with a fever.  :(  We were on the phone quite a bit with Brandi and Aren checking in.  He felt pretty miserable and you could hear it in his voice.  I'm not gonna lie, I teared up a few times while on the phone with him.  I knew it wasn't anything serious, though, and that he was in capable hands.  Between my mom and Brandi, they knew how to handle a sick kiddo.  By the time we got back to him and his brothers they were all in tip-top shape!
At this point in the game the boys thought we were just going to spend the rest of the week with the family.  They had no clue about the fun we had lined up for them!!

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