Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Birthday Celebration

Alex turned the big F-O-U-R yesterday so we did a few things over the weekend to celebrate.

First off, Alex and I went on a little date Friday night.  Biju won two tickets to Disney Live through a contest at work - and he even got a parking pass with it.  We were able to park right outside the entrance doors - a luxury that was completely lost on an almost 4 year old but something I truly appreciated.  Alex's face lit up when he saw Goofy come on stage.  Then came Donald, Minnie, and with great fanfare, Mickey.  There were three shows presented in abreviated form - Snow White, Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.  With those titles the audience was mostly made up of little girls all dressed up in their princess costumes.  Alex let me know on the way home that he didn't like all of the girl costumes. 

On Saturday evening we went to my sister's house and met up with  my parents and niece.  Sis and her hubby were going on a date so we fed the kids pizza and let them play the Wii.  After we got her kids down to bed I left my parents at Shelly's place and I took Jenna and my boys back home for bed.  As we left we reminded the boys that they would be seeing the girls again when they came over to our place on Sunday to have birthday cake!

Last week as Mom was preparing to come down to visit she asked what Alex wanted/needed for his birthday.  I asked him and he told me "cupcakes."  I then asked what he wanted for a present and he thought for a moment and replied "a square."  I told Mom what he had said and we bought fell into a fit of giggles.  Saturday evening after dinner I asked Alex to tell Nana about what we did on Friday night.  We asked him a few questions about the show and Mom asked "What did the characters do?" and Alex answered "They showed up."  How literal.  Again, we giggled until tears came.  This kid is certainly funny, although it isn't always on purpose.

Sunday was the big celebration.  We had waffles for breakfast (partly because I needed a waffle for part of the cake) then headed to church.  We then all went out to have Chinese for lunch - Alex enjoys a good Chinese buffet!  Back at the house Mom and Shelly helped me to make up Alex's cupcakes and cake while Dad watched something on Netflix, the kids played outside and Biju took a nap with Aren.

Amazing - playing outside without jackets in January!
We went with a Perry the Platypus cake.  Shelly did the decorating of the cake while Mom and I worked on the cupcakes. 

There is Perry the cake and Perry in cupcake form.  I also did a Perry in Twinkie form.   It was a practice - I was going to make them for Alex to take to his class on Tuesday night.  Unfortunately, his teacher broke her toes over the weekend and his class got cancelled. 

The little Perries have "circus peanuts" smashed and cut into "beaks" and the Twinkie Perry has an Orange Cream Wafer cookie (dont' know the real name) cut in half as his tail.

We sang to Alex (the kids sang to him 4 or 5 times, actually) and let him open his gifts.  Mom and Dad really did get him a "square" used in construction work!  It is a bright orange plastic thing that he will be able to use when drawing.  Fun!  He got a few other things he's been enjoying, as well.

Taking a breath to blow out the candle.

Alex told me he wanted a cake smashed in his face.  I couldn't bring myself to smash his cupcake into his face but I did put a blob of frosting on a plate and smash it.  He loved it!

Thrilled to get a nerf gun similar to Ajay's.  However, Ajay seems to think it was HIS birthday present and has a hard time letting Alex play.

Yesterday was his actual birthday.  Ajay was up at 6:30, a half hour early, climbing into my bed and telling me how excited he was to tell Alex happy birthday!  We had breakfast and I blew up a balloon that said "Happy Birthday."  He carried the balloon through the halls of Ajay's school and got a big grin whenever anyone asked "Is it your birthday?"

After we dropped Ajay off I "splurged" and got Alex his favorite breakfast - the dollar sausage and biscuit from Burger King.   We also spent some time talking on the phone to Amachee and Echachan in India.  In the evening we had dinner at home, let him open another gift (a mug with his name on it) and then went out for ice cream.  Yum yum!  (He got raspberry ice cream with gummy bears, in case you were wondering.  And Ajay got red velvet ice cream with white chocolate chips.)

Hard to believe he's already a 4 year old!


Sarah said...

i am glad the character showed up! I love the cake and cupcakes, how cute!

Erin said... is hard to believe he is 4!
Great pictures of the family and birthday boy....looks like he had a great birthday! :)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Alex! Great job on the cake... so CUTE!

Erin C. said...

Looks like he had a great birthday! Way to celebrate your little funny guy!

Michelle said...

The cake and cupcakes turned out so cute! Good job!