Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Baby's first bath

Well, he actually had a shower first.  Okay, I guess technically he had his first bath at the hospital.

Then he had his first shower.  I brought him into the shower with me before his bellybutton stump fell off completely, just to give him a good rinse.  Then after his stump fell off he was able to get his first official bath at home.  While my mom was staying with us for a few days, I had Biju get out the baby bathtub from storage.  Here are some photos I got of the little guy.  He really did enjoy sitting in the warm water.  He was quite calm.

(I may not be getting pictures of Aren every 5 minutes like I did with our first born, but I do think I'm keeping up with getting the "firsts" and other important shots, along with a handful of "just for fun" photos.  I hope you don't mind me sharing some with you!) 


Kyle said...

you guys make beautiful kids. seriously.

Sarah said...

cute, Mason likes the tub too. He screamed the first time but now he seems to enjoy it. He only gets made when we take him out because he gets cold I think. Can't wait to meet Aren

Erin said...

Oh course we love you sharing! I can't wait to meet the little guy! He looks a lot like the boys in the 2nd picture. :)

Rachel said...

I agree he is looking so much like the boys, especially Ajay for some reason. So adorable!

Oh and it's literally impossible to get all the pics, I just do my best to get the important ones!

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