Wednesday, August 14, 2013

School - 2013!!

I'm jumping ahead to bring you a current post :)  I'll go back to June again soon but I wanted to post a picture of the boys on their first day of school yesterday!

Ajay on his first day of Third Grade!

Just a little flash back moment - Ajay on his first day at this school for Second Grade.
A snap of all three boys together.  Alex was wanting to go to school but he had to wait until after lunch. 
 We came back home after dropping Ajay off ...

Just the two younger ones....and some nasty looking carpet that apparently needs cleaned.  Don't look at that part.  I said don't look!
... and played a little Candyland....

.....and blocks!
Proud of their mess!!
Then after several "When do I get to go to school?" type questions we were back on the road!
Alex back and ready to go!  Aren, too :)

Alex on his first day of Kindergarten!
Another flash back moment - Ajay and Alex on their first days at their old school.  Ajay in 2nd grade, Alex in Pre-K.
And then there was one....,

Around the time school was releasing I plunked Aren into his stroller (he had taken a super short nap and was not in a good mood) and we walked to the boys' bus stop.  Weather was a bit cloudy when we walked out but nothing alarming.  By the time we got to the corner I could see that the busses hadn't even pulled away from the school building yet.  (Yes, we're that close to the school but there is no cross walk so the boys either have to ride the bus or be picked up by me.  I don't mind drop off but I'm not crazy enough to attempt after school pick up!!)
As we stood waiting for the buses to leave it started sprinkling.  I flipped Aren's sun shade over him to keep him dry.  Then all of the sudden the sky burst open and we were stuck out in a torrential downpour.  Luckily, a fellow mom pulled up at that moment and asked if we wanted to get in.  We had met her before so I felt comfortable getting Aren out of his stroller and taking her up on her offer. 
The rain didn't let up so when the bus finally arrived we got her kid, my two boys and another boy who lives down the street packed into their van.  The moms then got out to put the stroller in the back.  We were drenched within seconds.

Here are the boys after we were dropped off at our garage...and a not so flattering picture of myself (but it does show how wet it was out there!)

Drip drip drip....goes the water... 
The sun is shining today so I think we'll be safe to try walking there again :) 


Erin C said...

Oh wow. They are getting so big! I know that's what they are supposed to do, but it still surprises me :)

Anna said...

Love the first day of school pictures. Such handsome boys. How did Aren do with no brothers home? You did get soaked!

Kalinda said...

He seems to be adjusting well. He sleeps through most of it so that helps.