Friday, August 8, 2014

Ajay's Birthday

I feel sorta bad for skimming over Biju's and Aren's birthday in the May post .... and then turning around and making a whole post for Ajay.  However, he had a game the day of his birthday so we ended up making treats to share.

I melted some white chocolate and brushed it over the tops of Oreo's.  Then I took some red frosting and made the "threads" of a baseball. 

Ajay didn't get a cake for his actual birthday (he got it later when he had a couple of friends over on the weekend) so we got some donuts!

Birthday boy headed to his position.

Biju played catch with Alex for a bit and Aren enjoyed being chased and tickled by one of the girls at the game.

As Ajay handed out the baseball Oreo's the team sang Happy Birthday to him.

YUM!! Donuts!!  (I want this one, and this one, and this one...)

Alex was almost as excited as Ajay when he got his present...

...a new bike!

Ajay on the phone with family getting birthday wishes.

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