Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Tours

While on vacation, Biju and I decided to hit up a couple of the free tours offered in Kansas City.  Since we were two adults on the town without children we chose two very adult sounding tours.  Beer and Coffee. 

I wish I could tell you how many kegs each of those silver .... thingies .... holds, but the tour was over a month and a half ago now.  See what I get for such delayed posts??  I can't even remember what the silver thingies are called, but I do know they are working to build another.  Boulevard beer seems to be quite popular!

After our tour we each got to sample two beer flavors.  Since beer is chock-full of gluten I gave my samples to Biju.  Neither one of us are big beer fans so, unfortunately, most of what was in those glasses went to waste.


This tour was a bit more interesting to us but again the free coffee sample had us both looking at each other and making faces.  Black coffee.  No thank you.  Filled with sugar and cream?  Yes please!

They passed around a bowl of "raw" beans next to some that had been roasted.  Not only could you see a difference but you could feel one, too. 

A couple of hotties with hairnets getting ready to walk around the production floor.  (Yes, it smelled wonderful in there!)
As we left we each purchased a cup of iced coffee and filled it with plenty of sugar and cream.  It tasted sooo yummy.  It was later that day I realized (rather, remembered) why I don't drink coffee on a regular basis.  While being on vacation I had coffee at least once if not twice a day (the coffee tour was the 4th day of vacation.)  Four days of coffee and my stomach was very angry with me.  I can't drink colas or my favorite Dr. Pepper on a consistently, either.  If I do, even water makes me feel sick.  Moderation is the key, folks!

If you're in the KC area, I recommend visiting either (or both!) of these locations.  I loved hearing all the information they shared even if I wasn't particularly fond of the samples ;)  

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