Friday, January 24, 2014

Bunco and Crafts

So..... I came here today to post about what has been going on lately.  I looked through my pictures and it seems that all of my recent pics have been of my crochet and crafting projects!
I have finally got some photos taken of the boys' blankets I made for Christmas.  I'll put a few pics here (in another post) but the "overload" of pics I'll put over on the crafting blog.
For today, I will share with you what I made up for Bunco prizes for last week:
I made up a fresh batch of lip balm.  I was running out and needed a refill in all my various containers.  I decided to make a double batch and give them away (in new containers, of course!) as Bunco prizes. Here is the recipe, if you're interested.

I was looking around Pinterest and found some cute bookmarks.  They reminded me of the crocheted pumpkin bookmarks I made for Ajay's Fall Class Party last year, but these were made of felt, buttons and yarn.  This was my practice.
These are the four I made up to give away.  Pink and Brown, Black and Red, Blue and Green, Tan and White.
Here are the pumpkin bookmarks from last year.  (And here is a heart bookmark.)

The four prizes before being packaged - two Ferrero Rocher, a lip balm and a book mark.
 I had planned on making the bookmarks up for the boys' Valentine's Class Parties but I recently got a call saying there would be no parties.  Boo.  However, we will be having a Spring party so maybe I can make them up for that......

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