Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Pre-Christmas Activities - Santa B

After we finished visiting with Santa at our church we drove over to the local roller skating rink. 
There, Biju's employee's club was hosting a Christmas Skate. 

They, too, had Santa, face painting and balloon animals.  Luckily, my boys had already had their faces painted and balloon swords so they were just focused on skating and we didn't have to stand in the long lines for the other activities. 

The boys are still new to this skating business but, since they're kids, they're catching on pretty quickly. 
Ajay helped Aren a bit ....
...but after awhile he handed him off to me so he could pick up some speed.

While I was out on the rink helping Aren, I got this pic of Alex hanging out, not quite sure if he wanted to get out there and risk more falls.

All three with Santa and the missus.

When we checked into the rink we were givin drink coupons - like they needed any  more sugar! - and they all got to sip on some fruit punch while taking a break from falling skating.

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