Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Christmas Celebration

Unfortunately, Biju's side of the family is too far away for us to visit.  We speak with them on the phone and via Skype whenever possible, but wouldn't it be nice to hop in the van and drive over to India??
However, we are lucky enough to hop in the van and visit my family.  It is a boring drive for the kids so we usually check out a dvd from the library for these trips. 

After our Christmas dinner but before gift-opening-time my Uncle Eddie kept the kiddos occupied by playing Bingo.  There were even prizes for them to win!  It was a great way to keep them all occupied and out of trouble.

After Bingo my aunt and niece played their flutes for us.  I had forgotten to bring my flute along so I just joined in the singing.  And then it was time to open gifts!

It was a long weekend and Aren conked out on the drivce back home.  He usually takes short naps in the van so I got him as comfy as we could get him in his car seat and he slept a full hour and a half!!

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