Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Pre-Christmas Activities - Santa A

Every year our church invites Santa for a visit.  They have volunteers set up at stations to do face painting, Christmas card making, sugary-treat making, balloon animals, etc.  This is our third year (maybe 4th, I can't remember) and the boys always get to sit with Santa, who gives them a little stuffed animal.  (Sometimes it isn't so little!)  This year Aren got a big bunny and he was thrilled to receive it.  He enjoys giving it hugs.
The pictures Santa's elves printed off for us were much better than the ones I snapped. 

Ajay and Alex getting their Christmas tattoos put on.
Aren sitting oh so still to get his face painted.

Aren's gingerbread man tattoo....
.....and his balloons painted on his face.

Alex's snowman on his face and a snowman tattoo on his arm.

Ajay's snowman tattoo and reindeer painting.
Aren ate his snack in two mouthfuls!  One for the Oreo, one for the marshmallow.  His cheeks puffed out like a little chipmunk!

The snack was a top hat, like Frosty would wear, so Ajay put his treat on his head.
The boys always enjoy this activity sponsored by the church and we're thankful they put it on every year!

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