Friday, July 6, 2012

A holiday and a haircut

We hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day! 

We took the boys to an Indian restaurant for lunch.  It was quite tasty - all kinds of good dishes out on the buffet that day!   We then dropped Biju and Aren off back hom (naptime!) and I took Ajay and Alex to see The Lorax at the "cheap" movie theatre.  Afterwards, we all went down the street a bit and picked up some fireworks.  The older two boys enjoyed the poppers and little champagne bottles (didn't even save any for Aren to try!) and set off some smoke bombs and cracklers.

Ajay will tell you that it took for-eh-ver for 9pm to come!  It was still fairly bright outside but we went ahead and started some of the night time works. 

We only did a few.  We're saving the rest to shoot off with my family this weekend. 

With it being so hot, we've been trying to figure out some fun ways to keep cool.  I got out the sand and water table yesterday.  The idea of the table is for the boys to stand at the table and play.  I guess they didn't figure that would cool them off enough.

Our neighbor, who is doing some work on our garage, saw what the boys were doing and told them they should go over and play with his daughter in their pool.  They jumped on that opportunity!!


Aren got his first haircut today!!

A couple of before shots:

Here is Aren at the beginning of the cut...not too happy!!  Of couse, it was naptime, he was in a strange place, and there was a woman he'd never seen coming at him.

She asked if I wanted to try the clippers to clean up his sides and neck.  I told her he's already mad, we might as well try.  Can you believe he actually calmed down when she used the clippers?

 See?  Not so traumatized.....

And here he is after:

Happy and handsome!!


Michelle said...

Love the new haircut!

Anna Cline said...

Such a handsome young man! Growing up before your eyes!