Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Celebration with my family: Gardening and Fishing

Independence Day came in the middle of the week this year so we decided to celebrate with my family the weekend after.  Biju was planning on going up with us until he got the sore throat that the rest of us had earlier in the week.  We also had guys out working on our garage, so he had to stay back for them.  So, with him staying behind, we decided to leave Friday afternoon and come back Monday, as opposed to leaving Saturday and coming Sunday.
The boys love farm life.  They love helping gather the eggs, help in the garden, and doing any chore that involves the tractor. 
Nana decided to go out and check on the garden after the boys had already changed into their jammies, so they just rolled up their pant-legs and joined her!

The classic stand-next-to-the-corn-stalk photo.  (Alex, Ajay, Jenna)


Ajay stealing a baby carrot.
 Ajay had also asked to take his fishing pole up to the farm with us.  Papa had already told us long ago that the pole would need new line, as the line that came with it was too thin.  Here is Papa restringing the pole - and showing great self-restraint as he got more and more frustrated with the line and pole!

Alex waiting patiently for his turn to go out to the pond.

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