Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More from our visit

So I got sidetracked and didn't finish posting about our 4th of July visit with my family.  I'll try to cram the rest in here so we don't drag it out any further.  Prepare for a photo bomb!

All three boys playing with one of Jenna's friends.

Jenna modeling her school-colored visor that I made as her 8th grade promotion gift.

Couch.  Couch Cushion.

Oh!  There was a sleeping child under that cushion??

Slip-n-Slide fun on a HOT day! 
Niece Tessa getting a hand down the wet plastic.

Nephew Thomas zooming along. (Logan in the background getting a drink)

A friend of the family helping Ajay shoot - was it a .22?  The next level up from  BB gun.
Jeff and a family friend, Greg, shooting the clay "pigeons" - can you see that shell casing in action flying between the two of them?

Having good old fashioned fun.

Alex enjoying the sprinkler - this was out not only for the children to play in but to soak the ground so we wouldn't burn up the place when we shot of fireworks that night.

My niece, Lenley, playing with Aren.

Nephew Brandon hanging out.

Nephew Logan showing off his red tongue.

Niece Jenna sticking her crocheted photo frame to her head (birthday gift I made for her).

Happy Aren!

Alex playing on the air hockey table.

Ajay playing against Alex on the air hockey table.

Aunt Theresa and Ajay had to cross into the neighboring field to retrieve a parachute (it had a toy soldier attached, so we couldn't just let it go!)
Alex playing with his soldier/parachute

Can you see the soldier dangling there above the rocks?  He was pretty big to be stuffed inside a firework!

Aren gave Aunt Tina some good cuddle time!!
A few of us helped the boys shoot of some of the leftover daytime fireworks on Sunday. 

If you made it through til the end, thanks for hanging in there!  These were all originally going to be split up into multiple posts but I decided to chuck them all in together.  Lucky you, right?

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