Friday, July 27, 2012

National Ice Cream Day

Did you know that back in the 1980's President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month?  And that the 3rd Sunday in July was National Ice Cream Day?

To celebrate National Ice Cream Day, Biju and I took the boys to Braum's for dinner and got them an ice cream treat for dessert.

Both boys got Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  It was a big hit.

Aren got a taste of it and signed "more" over and over again!

Alex gladly gave Aren more.

Then Aren wanted more again.  Even said "ahhhh" with his mouth wide open for it.  And SCREAMED for it. 
And what post about a baby eating ice cream would be complete without a video??

(As we were leaving, the ladies that were in the booth diagonally across from us were leaving as well.  On our way out, they told us what well behaved children we had.  I smiled and said thank you as if we got this compliment on a regular basis.  Inside I was jumping up and down in excitement and thinking "Whew!  It's been ages since someone has said that to us!! It's so nice to hear it again.")

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