Friday, November 1, 2013

Raccoon #5

 Ajay's class had their Fall Program in early October.  He was Raccoon #5 and had a line ("Yo, dudes, what's happenin'?")
We were to dress him up in black and white to make him look like a raccoon.  The note sent home stated we could paint on a mask and whiskers, etc.  I decided to crochet the mask and paint the rest. 

A mask with some ears!

Ready to go!

Raccoons (and other wild animals) in action!


Anna said...

Looks great, you are so talented.

Amy said...

Miles said, "That's, "What Does the Fox Say". HA!

Kalinda said...

Anna - Thanks! More of an acquired skill, I'd say, than talent. I can't make up my own patterns, just follow others. But I sure do enjoy it!
Amy - I had never heard that song until last night when my niece dressed up as a fox. Now it is stuck in my head!