Friday, January 21, 2011


I really don't have a title for this post since it is going to be a hodge podge of random things.  I have pics I want to share with you but each can't really stand on their own. 

Happy New Year!

Alex asked me to make a cake for the new year, so I did.  I made two rounds to stack on top of each other, however one cake didn't come out of the pan well.  It stuck.  So it crumbled.  We still used the good one to frost.  I made up a cream cheese frosting, but added too much milk, so it was hard to use as a decorating frosting.  I still tried, though. 

And we didn't let the crumbled cake go to waste.  We used the extra frosting and just mixed it all together with the crumbs.  A little messy but it tasted the same as the "pretty" cake.

Before Christmas vacation Ajay and girl in his kindergarten class got ahold of some scissors and decided to play barber shop.  We typically part his hair a certain way but recently we've started parting it the other direction in the hopes of hiding the gap.   (Here it isn't parted at all - I combed it straight forward to show off the cut!)

After I took Brother's photo Alex decided he wanted his pic taken, too.  And he decided to give me a silly pose.   (Alex is watching me put this blog post together and he saw his picture.  "There I am, handsome."

Every night, before I got to bed, I check on the boys.  This is how I found Ajay sleeping one night - all folded in half. 

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Sarah Hanna said...

mmm that cake looks good!! Oh and I cut a square out of an empty cereal bag for the crinkle part of my crinkle toy. The directions said to use diaper wipes package but since I didn't have any Andrea actually suggested a cereal bag and it worked really well :)