Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gender Prediction: Tests 4 and 5

I'm combining these two tests because they are very similar.  You get a two-fer today!! Happy New Year!

Test 4:  The ring test, aka: The needle test.

I think most people have heard of this prediction method. You take a ring and tie it to a string.  (Or, you take a needle and thread it with a string.)  You hold it above your abdomen and wait until it starts moving.  If it swings back and forth the baby inside your womb is a boy.  If the ring swings in circles it is a girl.

First, Biju and I wanted to test this male/female theory out.  I took my ring and tied it to a piece of yarn.  I held it over my hand and it swung in a circle.  I then held it over Biju's hand and it swept back and forth.  He thought maybe I was influencing the movement so he took the string/ring.  As he held it we ended up with the same results.  We decided to go for the tummy read.  Truthfully, it didn't really move much.  We wondered if it was too early to tell.  (We did this test originally around 6 or 7 weeks along.)

At Thanksgiving my uncle took a needle on a string and held it over my tummy.  He saw the needle move in a faint circle then stop.  My SIL Jaime took over and got the same results - faint circle before stopping.

So the outcome of test 5 is:  GIRL

Test 5:  The gold chain test. 

This one was actually fairly new to me.  I read about it and immediately had to try it.  Luckily I always wear my wedding necklace which is made out of gold!

What you do:  Dangle a pure gold chain above your hand, palm up, and hold it as steady as you can.  It will start moving on its own - back and forth for boy, circle for girl.  The cool trick to this is that it will move then stop for each child you are having.  I have done this numerous times and each time I get the same result.

Over my palm it swings back and forth (indicating Ajay), then there is another back and forth swing (indicating Alex) and then a circle motion, indicating that this next baby is a GIRL, then the chain stops moving.  

The chain test is super fun to try - try it and see what you come up with!  (And let me know in the comments section what your results are, please!)

Update - I originally typed up this post a month or so ago and since then I have tested this chain theory out on several other women.  For the ones who were done having babies the theory held true for each of them!  (We had a couple of misreads because children were bumping into us, but when the test was done again, it was right.)   For three women it even told the gender of the babies that were miscarried.  Then I really had fun with it and tested my niece.  Turns out she's supposed to have three boys!!  As a 12 year old girl, this thought isn't exactly thrilling.  I guess we have quite a bit of a wait to see if the chain was right for her   :)

WARNING:  This is intended as a game, really.  While it does seem to hold true please do not put full stock in this.  Three of my cousins (aged 18 - 25) were quite disappointed in their outcomes and had me repeat the test over and over (each time we got the same result).  One doesn't want children and is supposed to have 2, the other two cousins badly want children and neither are supposed to have them.
On the other hand, it is hard to get the results out of your head - I keep having to remind myself that there is still a chance that this baby could very well be a boy.  And if you don't want to get the results stuck in your head, don't try this.  (For example, I don't think I would've wanted to do this test when I first started having children - I'm happy I discovered this test when I did, at the end of my child-bearing journey.)

**Click HERE to find out what the gender is**


shelly said...

tried the gold chain test on my nephew's wife. they just recently decided to start trying for baby #1. They have mentioned that they would love to have 3 children (with a slight preference for 2 boys). The results were girl/boy/girl.

mommyjoymarie said...

I'll have to test those out before Friday...that's when we have our sonogram and we are finding out!!
I read your blog through my reader, so it may have looked this way for a while. But I really like it!

Silvia John said...

Congratulations girl. I am so happy for you and I know how it fells to me a mother. As I was having some troubles in getting pregnant but after going for natural gender selection it was really easy.
I am also pregnant and my due date in in the June 12.