Saturday, January 29, 2011

Playtime in January

January has certainly had an eclectic offering of temperatures to offer.  We had decent weather, downright nasty weather and more recently some gorgeous (record breaking) weather.  The boys love playing in the decent and gorgeous weather and think they want to play in the nasty weather, too. 

They put some coats on and went out to play in the decent weather - Ajay even pointed out some flowers trying to grow! 

Sometimes they can play so nicely together!

No snow on the mittens but plenty of dirt!

Time to pose for Mama!
Headed out to see the first snow (that left anything on the ground, that is).  Alex was feeling ill but he couldn't let Brother go outside without him!

After getting reacquainted with snow they went back inside.  Alex cuddled up on the couch and Ajay played chess with Daddy.

Laying on a corn bag in hopes of helping his earache.

Learning how to play chess.  (An ongoing process.)

I made up some garlic-oil to drop into his ear and gently placed the warm corn bag over his ear.  This seemed to help a lot, because he fell asleep!
Then we had some REAL snow!  This is where the "nasty weather" comes in.  Alex lasted about 5 minutes outside (I barely had time to get myself bundled up to go out before he was crying to come back in).  Ajay lasted about 10 minutes.  You can't blame them - school had been canceled because the temps/wind chills were too low.  it.was.cold!

Yesterday we had a high of 72 - which broke an old record of 69 (I don't know what year).  Today isn't going to reach that level but it is still going to be pushing 60, I do believe.  The boys already went outside this morning and played for an hour.  And I don't think they fought once the whole time!  Lovely!!!  I didn't get any photos but from what I could tell, they were digging in the garden, playing on their slide/swing set and going hunting.  I asked what they were hunting for and Ajay told me "meat." - well, that is a good thing to hunt for, I guess.

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