Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

Biju and I went and signed some paperwork this afternoon. 

We dropped Alex and Aren off at a neighbor's house and had instructed Ajay to get off the bus after school and go over to the neighbor's place instead of coming home. 

We are now officially the owners of two houses.  I sure hope our real estate agents have some fancy tricks up their sleeves to help our "old" house sell quickly! 

Speaking of our agents, they were wonderful and worked very hard to get everything lined up just right for us.  Mrs. Real Estate Agent met us at the house after closing.  Since we had to swing by the neighbor's to pick up the boys she arrived at our new place before we did.  By the time we got there she had already decorated the front porch with a couple of house warming gifts!

There are still a lot of things to do at the new place so we dove right in tonight and got started. 

I, of course, took some Norwex items so I could get busy cleaning.

We had to change out the locks on the doors so Biju worked on that. 

The boys busied themselves with a few things we brought along.

I'm not sure why but Alex felt the need to leave a trail of Candyland cards down the stairs and across the entryway tile.

Ajay spent some time playing Angrybirds on Biju's phone.
I then took the boys to seek out the closest fast food joint.  Can you believe the closest drive through was 4 miles away??  This is a good thing.  Because no one ever uttered the phrase "Man, I need more fast food in my life!"

Mean Mama.  Ajay was the only one who knew I was taking the photo so poor Alex and Aren have bad "shoving food into mouth" poses.
After dinner the boys played a bit outside then came in for a game of Guess Who.  Alex still doesn't quite understand the game if I'm not right there helping him so Ajay got a bit frustrated. 

Aren entertained himself by playing on his booster seat (or stealing Daddy's tools, or hiding in the empty cabinets).

And a house is not a home without a little personal touch.

I'm so excited to get all the carpet cleaning and appliance deliveries out of the way so we can start really moving in! 


Michelle said...

How exciting!

Erin said...

Looking happy for you! Can't wait to come visit! :)