Friday, December 7, 2012

Hanging out

Here is Aren reading a book in his rocking chair.   Reading a book is part of our before nap/before bedtime routine.  He signs "book" and "please" once we get into his room for night-night.  He says the words along with his signs - his "book" sounds like "put" but with a "b" and his "please" sounds like "bee."  He's really been into a couple of Elmo books we have.  He calls Elmo "HUT-doe"  Doesn't sound anything like Elmo to me but that makes it all that much cuter! 

Alex hasn't taken an afternoon nap in ages - unless you count the times he falls asleep while we're out running errands at 5pm.  Then we fight to keep him awake - "Alex!  Wake up! Alex!!  What's outside your window?"  On this day he just couldn't help himself and conked out on the couch.  (I see we still have a scarecrow that needs to be put away in our Fall box!) He's covered up with a big fleece Snuggie.  I got two for a dollar at a yard sale over the summer.  Woot Woot!

This is what Ajay made with his neon orange play dough.  A snowman complete with scarf, buttons and top-hat.  I love his attention to detail. 

We miss our friends who moved to Texas so when they were in town for a wedding I gave them some crocheted goodies.  Crocheted Beards for the boys, Ava cowls for the girls.  (The cowls even have matching buttons.)

I made a beard for Ronnie (their dad), too.  I'm hoping to get a photo of him wearing it (wink wink, Angie!).

Here is what Aren used to do until we blocked off the kitchen.  We didn't block it off because he was getting into this drawer...

 and the lazy susan...
...but because he had figured out how to climb up the chairs and onto the tall dining room table.

That's how we roll round these here parts.


The Rouse House said...

I love that picture with the beards. I'll get right on that ;)

Erin said...

I love the beards! Casey talked about me making him one just a few weeks back. Where did you get the pattern???

Kalinda said...

I'll e-mail you with the pattern, plus I'll put the link in the post. Thanks for reminding me!