Tuesday, January 4, 2011

20 Weeks

I'm a day late getting this posted but I posted "Christmas Past" yesterday and I don't like to do more than one posting a day. 

We are officially at the halfway mark.  The boys are so excited about meeting this little one.  They talk about the baby everyday and they ask "when is our baby's birthday?" 

I found a personalized burp rag of Alex's and washed it up.  I showed it to Alex yesterday and explained what it was for.  A little while later he picked it up and said "This is so cuuuute!  The baby can use it!"  I said "Oh, yeah?"  "Yeah!  She can spit up on it!"  - and he slung it over his shoulder.  I guess he even plans on letting the baby spit up on him!

I don't think my tummy has changed much since my 15 week shot, but I took a 20 week pic, anyway.  I do know the baby has grown - I feel the fundus around my belly button (the fundus is the top of the uterus).   I'm feeling a lot more movement which makes me relax a bit.  While I started feeling some movement around 13 weeks or so, it was very sporadic until recently.  Now I'm feeling it a lot more throughout the day and quite frequently after the boys go to bed and I'm chilling out on the couch.

(I think I'm going to try to take my photos in the same shirt every time so it's easier to gauge the changes.) 

9 weeks, 15 weeks, 20 weeks:  

 We've got our sonogram tomorrow - can't wait to see the little one moving around in there.  Praying for good news and a healthy baby!! 


The Rouse House said...

Today's the big day! You are finding out, right?! Puuuuleeeeeze!!

Michelle said...

Yes! Yes! Please find out! Although Angie has zero room to talk - she always makes us agonize!